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January 2, 2003

Vietnamese Youth Want to Wipe Out Corruption, Have More Democracy

(Global News Wire) - Eighty nine percent of members of the Central Communist Youth Union (CCYU), Vietnam's leading organization for young people, want to eliminate corruption and introduce more democracy, according to a newly released survey of 2,900 members by the CCYU in The Ideology of Vietnamese Youth, published in the Tien Phong (Pioneer) newspaper today. The remaining 11% had no opinion.

The survey reports 82.4% as wanting to maintain political stability and social security; 80.8% as looking to promote the national identity ; 78.7% seek to continue the campaign on Party construction and adjustment; 77.7% want to strengthen national unity; 76.8% hope to develop markets under the orientation of socialism; and 73.3% want to maintain national independence and socialism. The rate of young people looking to overcome the danger of economic obsolescence was 72%.

Young Vietnamese people today tend to get married late and want only one to two children. Some 49.5% of those surveyed, mainly between the age of 15 and 24, have yet to tie the knot. Getting married after obtaining a stable job is a new tendency among the youth, said the survey.

When asked "Would you continue working if you had enough money for your lifetime?", 96.9% said they would. Some 68.9% say their current biggest concern is employment, and 55.7% said improving their knowledge and developing their talent.

The newspaper also quoted a recent survey by the Institute for Young People's Research which said 70% of young people watch local news on TV, 62% watch sports, 54% the fight against corruption and social vices, 50% business experiences, 40% international events, 41% movies, and 31% music.

The poll also revealed that 82.3% of the youth loved Vietnamese music compared to 6.1% who dislike it, 56% liked watching revolutionary films very much while 17% dislike such films, 45.8% liked listening to international music while 24.3% did not.

No figures were provided as to the number of people surveyed.

Young people represent 28%, of Vietnam's population, or 21.5 million citizens.


Vietnam Detains Four North Koreans

HANOI, Vietnam (Associated Press) Vietnamese authorities detained four North Koreans who crossed the Chinese border into Vietnam and requested asylum in South Korea, officials said Thursday.

Thousands of North Koreans fleeing famine and repression have slipped across the border into China in recent years, but this was the first reported case in which North Koreans have tried to sneak into Vietnam to seek asylum.

Two men, ages 35 and 45, and two women, ages 24 and 35, were detained Monday by border guards at the Thang Tin border station in the northern province of Ha Giang, a guard at the station said.

The four, who spoke no Vietnamese or Chinese, had no passports or other identification papers, he said. The guard said the asylum-seekers pointed to a map to indicate they were from North Korea and wanted to be taken to the South Korean Embassy.

The four begged not to be sent back to China, he said.

Border guards turned them over to police in Hoang Su Phi district, 200 miles northwest of Hanoi, where they were being detained.

An official from the provincial People's Committee, who identified himself only as Trien, said they were awaiting instructions from the central government.

A spokesman for the North Korean Embassy in Hanoi said the embassy had been informed of the detentions by Vietnamese authorities.

Vietnam's Foreign Ministry did not comment on the case.

Beijing is bound by treaty to send North Korean asylum-seekers home. However, some North Koreans have been allowed to go to South Korea via third countries after taking refuge at foreign embassies in China.

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