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My friends are an important part of my life. I realized a long time ago that I cannot do everything by myself because I am not an expert at everything I do. Therefore, I learned to strengthen and excel in the areas that I am really good in and leave those areas where I am not an expert to my friends, who are more knowledgeable than I.

As John Donne puts it, "No Man is an island."

Rabbi Schimmel & his wife blesses Dr. & Mrs. Korn with their surprise visit

Ella, Elizabeth, myself and Dr. Korn on the occasion of Dr. & Mrs. Korn's house warming reception

Friends through good times & bad - Phuong Pham's Wedding

The guys at Gerry's Wedding Reception

Group shot w/ Gerry & Maribel

Jesse's wedding reception @ Queen Mary

Me mates - Kenneth & Truddy & their new ride in Scotland 

Jung & Susan in Venice Beach talk about being blind

Ai Van, Johnny Dzung, his cousin & I

C'est moi, Jung, Mariko, Dominic @ Santa Monica Pier

Elizabeth, Jung & Susan looking good

Elizabeth, Jung & Susan looking even better...why?

Delegate Bob Underwood (Guam), Hung, Jung & Congressman Mike Honda (CA) 04.02

VA Senator Leslie Byrne 04.26.02

DOL's BLS APA Celebration Acting Commissioner Lois Orr & John Quoc Duong, Exec. Dir of WH AAPI 05.07.02

Pres. John F. Kennedy 05.17.02

East Wing, White House - APA Month Celebration 05.17.02

Gov. Mark Warner's Mansion 06.26.02


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